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DESCRIPTION: After spotting the falcon on the web camera, I went out onto the sidewalk and walked to the corner of Main and Mission Streets. I spotted the tail end of a falcon on this high balcony of 201 Mission Street. This was the building used by George and Gracie in 2006. This new falcon which has not been nicknamed yet was resting between rain showers. What follows are a squence of it taking off, then soaring around 77 Beale Street and then landing on the Mission side of 77 Beale. All subsequent shots are cropped. All hand held, braced against lamp poles where possible to steady the camera. Camera used on this page is a Canon 40D with a 400mm f5.6 lens. Shots were exposed using aperture priority at f5.6. Shutter speed varied but was around 1/1250 sec.
TITLE: Noontime sighting at 201 Mission and 77 Beale Street
COPYRIGHT: © 2009 Glenn Nevill