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DESCRIPTION: The location, 22 miles south of Sacramento off Hwy 5 on Franklin Rd. Take the Twin Cities Rd exit and then go right, south on Franklin Rd. A nature preserve with easy trails and great sightlines of the wetlands there. In this view, Sandhill Cranes on the right, Canada Geese on the left and one lone RT Hawk perched overhead on the upper right. We had driven from San Francisco to see these birds and were not disappointed. (Note: all photos were taken with a Canon 1dMK3, 500mm f4 lens and 1.4X teleconverter. All shots were from a tripod and the camera was mounted onto a Wimberley Sidekick gimbal mount atop an Arca Z1 ballhead.)
TITLE: Cosumnes River Preserve and Woodbridge Rd, Lodi CA
COPYRIGHT: © 2009 Glenn Nevill