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DESCRIPTION: I had walked past this church on the way home and forgot to check the steeple. It was not until I was on my steps, that I remembered to look and spotted a familiar shape. The church is at 22nd and Capp Street in the Mission District. And this is the second time I had seen a falcon here this fall season. Today I was able to photograph it and here are the best shots of the evening. All shots were taken with a Canon 1DMK3, a 400mm f5.6 lens with 1.4 teleconveter added. ISO set to 400 and 800. Hand held, braced against lamp poles and cars. Shutter speed varied from 1/100 sec up to 1/360 sec.
TITLE: A Peregrine Falcon returns to Capp Street
COPYRIGHT: © 2008 Glenn Nevill