FILE: _MG_7309.jpg
DESCRIPTION: 3pm, I took a very late lunch so I could photograph the Blue Angels airshow over the bay. The best viewing is over by Fort Mason and Crissy Field, but there was still a large crowd at Pier 14 when I arrived at 3pm. This is a Lockeed-Martin C130 T, named "Fat Albert" and it is the support plane for the Blue Angels. The show always starts with a flyover of this transport plane, here showing off in a very tight 60+ degree turn. Shots with file names that start with _MG were taken with a Canon 40D and 70-200 zoom. Shots that start with _GPN were taken with a Canon 1DMK3 and a 400mm f5.6 lens. All shots were hand held, ISO 320. Many were cropped.
TITLE: Blue Angels airshow from Pier 14
COPYRIGHT: © 2008 Glenn Nevill