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DESCRIPTION: This page has nothing to do with birds. But it does have a lot to do with Marin County History and it does show the fastest thing that could fly on on the West Coast. Capable of going three times the speed of sound and reaching the sound barrier before even clearing the launch rail, the Nike Hercules Missile helped to defend the country during the cold war. I was passing by this Golden Gate National Recreation Area Army missle museum and discovered that all the missiles were up and on display above ground. Only open Wed.-Fri. and the first Saturday of each month, I was lucky in passing on a first Saturday, so I decided to stop and take the tour. The guides are all volunteers and most if not all are people that worked at these missile sites when they were active bases. Shown here are the missile control vans on the left, the acquistion radar center and the targeting radar on the right. The radar was originally located up on the hilltop in the distance.
TITLE: SF88 Nike Hercules missile museum in Marin County, CA
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